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Follow us and get to know best practices in using Google Glass in healthcare processes

Various technologies

We use Phyton/Django in combination with MySQL and Android services. Fitting Interfaces and APIs are common challenges we are facing

Free documentation

We try to publish and share our findings and documentations on this blog to let other developers participate. Feel free to support us.

Healthcare Focus

We especially focus on processes in medical surroundings, so be aware that some code snippets are not the most fitting solutions in general terms.

Our Story

We started developing with common frameworks like Phyton, Django, MySQL and advanced Android services to set up wearable technology for practical hospital usage. Follow us, to stay updated about the technical background...

The Team

Daniel Kehne
Daniel Kehne
TU München
Florian Zyprian
Florian Zyprian
TU München

We focus on...

Developing with Google Glass

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