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To broad the scope to other technologies as well, we visited the Smartary Health Track on the 16th of September hosted by the Entrepreneurship Center of the Ludwigs-Maximilian-University (LMU) in Munich. Focussed on iOS-Technology and the Apple Watch we searched for new use cases in medical applications. The discussion teams were partly studying medicine or working in hospitals and partly in computer science topics.

We used the day to develop one concept to identify sleep problems – like sleep Apnea – and one concept to give the user a complete body feedback for enhancing the healt status. To make these use cases possible we developed with the ResearchKit and HealthKit from Smartari which is OpenSource and provides librarys to simplify the development extremly.

All in all we presented new ways to challenge healthcare topics with smart watches and without additional hardware usage (except Apple Watch / Iphone). For more information to Smartari, the Frameworks and Kits have a look at

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